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Filesprout is the perfect place to sell the digital files you've created (or a client). Just upload a share a link and we handle the rest. You also benefit for being listed in the growing Filesprout marketplace to give you a little extra exposure and free marketing to potential buyers.

Payments are handled by PayPal so you get paid instantly and directly - we don't hold any funds. Your first file is on us to kick the tyres and for more we just charge $13 a month for as many products as you want.

Of course you can cancel anytime and Filesprout can be your sole store front or just another marketing channel for you, there are no restrictions in our eyes. Give it a try and upload your first product today.

Why sellers love Filesprout:

Filesprout is a marketplace, not just for distribution
Keep 100% of every sale
No exclusivity lock-in - use us as an extra sales channel
No product review process - update and go live instantly
Set your own prices. You know what it is worth
Safe and instant delivery of files

Contacts us anytime:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +81 50 5539 9200

HQ: Knowledge Salon 7F, Grand Front Osaka, Japan

Michael Frankland, Founder of Filesprout