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Why sellers love this new Filesprout

  • Sell from any server: Dropbox, Amazon S3, Shared hosting, your server...Just link to the file.
  •   Fully responsive and checkout on mobile optimised for iOS8 with card scan reader feature.
  • No file size, download, upload or bandwidth limits set by us. Sell your biggest work.
  •   Sell as many files as you want and any kind: ZIP, PDF, AI, MP3, MOV, 3DS... up to you.
  • Don't have to entrust us to hold on to your file - no data retention on our side.
  • Collect money via credit cards (Stripe) or PayPal. Depends how your fans buy.
  • Get the money instantly & direct - we don't see it or hold up monthly pay outs.
  • No sign up needed for you to add a file or your customer to buy. Try one now >>
  • API available so easy to integrate into your app and lots of integrations coming.
  • No unnecessary overhead or complicated features or dashboard. Just upload and share.
  • No contracts or monthly fees, leave at anytime. We take 5% you keep 95%. Fair enough?
  •   Sell on any site, blog or social media profile. Even share via email. A link is a link.
  • Use the auto-generated button or roll your own buttons or even just use text links.
  • Sell in 4 currencies depending on which gives you the best reach to your audience: USD, EUR, GBP and JPY.
  • Get email notifications of sales to make you glow inside and finger on the pulse.
  •   128-bit SSL Secure site transaction on this side and your file location is hidden.

What some of them say

  • "Finally I can sell via Dropbox and my host. Don't like my files going too far before they get in the hands of customers. Thank you!" - Peter Cole
  • "This is an elegant solution to a problem that is either expensive or unsightly--the problem of automating the sale of digital products." - Traci Slatton
Sell your product now for free Only pay a small fee when you make a sale.
Win-win scenario and we'll help you get there.

How it works

Filesprout is the easiest way to sell any file from your Dropbox, Amazon S3, shared hosting or own server.

You host your files (we never see them). Choose one, pick a price and use Filesprout to create a "buy" button link which you can share on your website or across the internet.

And the best part is: you get money anytime somebody downloads your file. Filesprout does everything.

The payment is processed via PayPal or Stripe, and the purchaser can then download the file from your storage via our website, so the file's location is never exposed. Coolio. And you get paid directly.

We charge 5% on each sale. So you get 95% of each transaction immediately - directly to your PayPal or Stripe account. There is no sign-up for you or the buyer, and no monthly fee nor contract. Plus you control your files' whereabouts at all times. Phew.

We also have a simple API with lots of sweet integrations available or on the way. Use one of the available plugins or the easy form above to make your Filesprouts. You can also Filesprout digital products from within your own website or app. Use the API to make an integration and empower your users.



You can Filesprout from within your own website/application using our simple API. Two endpoints are available, to return either a link or complete button html.

Get a Link

Get a Button


Authentication is not required, though we recommend storing API responses in your own application to avoid rate limiting.

Requests are made by sending JSON data to either of the endpoints in the form of a POST request.

Sample JSON post data

{"name":"Product name","price":"20.00"
,"currency":"USD","email":"[email protected]"

Currency codes are USD, GBP, EUR or JPY.

Filesprout provides all responses, both successful and unsuccessful, in an easy to work with JSON data format. Check out the examples below.

Successful request: Response with Filesprout link

Unsuccessful request: Response with error message

,"error":"The file is not reachable at that URL"}


To help you get started we've provided some sample code and links to Filesprout plugins.

Sample code

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